MC Ranch through the words of of a child!

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Andrew Morse                                                                                                         Feb. 4, 2009

Dear Mr. McDaniel I had to do this school project in school where we had to right a essay about were our favorite place is and I chose to right an essay about MC Ranch.

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Essay about MC Ranch by Andrew Morse


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Andrew Morse                                                                                                                                         Feb. 4, 2009


MCRanch is a big fram in Ringgold, Georgia

My Favorite Place is MC Ranch were the sun is always shining. And it is warm with lots of fresh air and cows are always bellering. When me and my family go their the owner gives us a tour on his truck and tells us what cows are what. And after we are done at that spot the owner takes us to a different field were their is some smaller cows. When we are done he gives us bottled water with the MC Ranch label on it and then we come back and go on a hay ride. After the hayride the owner Mr. McDaniel takes me and my family to go and see some other animals we saw some pasture pigs and meat goats.

MC Ranch is known for some really good and famous cows and bulls witch have really good bloodlines. MC Ranch can provide you with quality Santa Gertrudis cattle weather it be the highest quality show prospects or pasture ready proven genetics that will put you one step closer to the cattle goals. He also has cows that are national champion cows. My dad and I also came down last November to purchase on of your top bulls, Momentum. Pretty much all of his cows are know for something good.

Also MC Ranch is know for winning lots of prizes they go all over the country showing cows. His daughter is our Junior president for the Santa Gertrudis breed.

by Andrew Morse

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